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Drifting Away

It happened all of a sudden;
The letters stopped being written
And the ink went dry,
The phone calls went silent
And the voice in my ears went faint,
The reassurance in our words went missing
And scepticism found a new throne.
The distance grew wider and wider,
And came to be measured in hopeless longings;
It happened all of a sudden.

Maybe it wasn’t sudden
Maybe we just drifted away over time;
Spontaneous stories turned into scripted dialogues,
Adoration gave way to misunderstanding
Love took over doubt
Friendship got smashed by lies
And comradeship died at the hands of ego;
Maybe it wasn’t sudden
Maybe our bonds were never organic.

An Evening After You; June.2017-Kolkata, India

We were ‘us’
Now we blame ‘you’and ‘I’,
Finding solace in the other’s fault.
We walk away shutting the window
On a ‘synthetic’ and ‘regretful’ past,
Whose memories laugh at our intimacy.
We were standing on a platform on a chilly spring night
Blanketing each other till dawn,
When we boarded different trains amidst the red blooms and the yellow Sun.
And now that we seek shelter in the opposite poles
Faking how we desire the challenge of the harsh cold,
We could try to come back to a warm embrace someday in our deepest dreams for the least.


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